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A workplace health & wellness company established with the goal of improving productivity and their general workplace health, through effective preventive and remedial solutions delivered in a flexible, modern and excellent way.

We help individuals, small businesses and large organizations to create a healthy workplace environment by eliminating physical health constraints that affect productivity, providing health education and training to Employees, providing flexible and convenient rehabilitation solutions and promoting a healthy work-life balance among workers.

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As our Client, you are our top priority. We ensure we give you the best service to improve your quality of life.

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Workplace Health Education

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Onsite Physiotherapy treatment

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Occupational Ergonomics

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Workplace Health Education

Our workplace health education helps to keep your team on track with proper health tips and practices to stay healthy in the workplace. Every training is designed specific to each organization’s culture and needs.

These training also include the basics of ergonomics and how it can be implemented in the workplace. Free prelim health screenings are done during these training sessions and your employees will have access to speak to a healthcare professional about their health concerns.

Onsite Physiotherapy Treatment

Physical therapy is suitable for individuals suffering from Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders/pain (WRMSDs) affecting the back, shoulder, wrists and limbs. The sessions can be carried out in the comfort of your office or at home.

Occupational Ergonomics

Occupational Ergonomics is essential to every workplace. It means making the workstation or workplace environment fit for the employee. Ergonomics goes beyond getting the best desk for your employee, it also involves getting the desk right for the user.

A workstation or workplace environment unfit for a worker is one of the causes of WRMSDs and low productivity among the working population.

Our Occupational Ergonomics services include DSE workstation assessment, Workplace Environment Assessment and Workstation Setup. Each service can be delivered independently.

Periodic Biometric Screening

This features regular health screening. The screening includes checks for blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, hepatitis, and blood cholesterol levels. The checks can be done weekly, monthly or anytime set up by the organization

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Prioritizing Workplace Health — One Company, at a time.

Creating a positive and healthier work environment is key to productivity and employee well-being.

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Meet our Founders

Daniel Olubunmi, PT


Co-Founder, and an Alumnus of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He is a Licensed Physiotherapist, who has worked in both the private and public healthcare system.

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Olamide Mabel, OT

Occupational therapist

CEO/Co-Founder, and an Alumna of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. Her love and passion for business & entrepreneurship spurred her to start HealthBetter, with the goal of integrating telerehabilitation in the near future

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Words from happy clients

Testimonials and Reviews

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HealthBetter has found a way to simplify the dos and don'ts of workplace health with a view to ensuring enhanced productivity. Twice we've engaged them, and twice they've overdelivered. Their agility and flexibility are quick wins for any business looking for a customised plan for its workforce.

- Bankole Banjo (African Alliance Ltd)

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On behalf of the entire Dukiya Team, we're grateful for spending time with our employees, and discussing the Impact of workplace environment and habits on overall health, achieving a perfect work-life balance, maintaining proper ergonomics in the workplace, work-related Pains and how to prevent them to Coping with stress in the workplace. There’s no better way to start the week.

- Lukman Shobowale (Dukiya)

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We had a strategic workplace health training on World Health Day. It was a very insightful session that helped us understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, good posture practices & how to prevent and manage work-related musculoskeletal pain at the workplace, work-life balance, coping & managing stress at the workplace. The best part for many inCREDObles was the work exercise bits! Just what we needed! It was a super insightful and it’s safe to say that we’ll be prioritizing self care more often!

- Adebunmi Wellington (Credo)

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